Workshop (Milwaukee, WI)

Love Your Mom Life 101: Quickly free up 2 hours per day so you can enjoy your beautiful life without stressing over your to-do list.

This flagship workshop will teach you tools to make time where it seems none is to be found. After this 3 hour course, you will walk away with:

-Strategies to figure out where time is invisibly wasted and how to fix it.

-A solved problem to go home and implement right away

-A workbook to guide you through the workshop

-Communication tools for involving your family in the process of opening time and space in your lives.

-Bonus activities to help you think through what you’ll do with all the time you’re about to discover!

-A new community of moms

-A smile, because for a few hours you felt totally pampered.

Here’s the details!

Date Options: TBD. Workshops will start happening once the online course is launched in March 2020.

Location: TBD

Cost: TBD

How to sign up

Workshop space is limited to 8 people! Email to get on the waitlist!