Your endless to-do list just expired

I love to skim read and my most recent skim was a book called, The One Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The main premise is that the easiest way to build the life you dream is by choosing the one thing that, once done, would make everything else easier. You’re not allowed to choose your top five or three to-dos. Just the one, the most important one.

This idea really struck me. I often rush around the house taking care of things, getting sidetracked as I go by this and this and this that also needs to be done. Suddenly, I’m quite off course and have to pause to remember where I started. My spiderwebs of activity leave me feeling a little chaotic. And there is still more to do.

Sound familiar?!

In the brief time since reading that book, I’ve started giving myself a “one thing” that I intend to do each evening after my daughter falls asleep. Once done, I set about other things (or not). The liberating thing is that my one thing becomes my one goal. I can hit one goal! I can hit one goal every day!

It’s become kind of fun, picking my one thing. I scan the areas of my life that I’d love to tend to. I’m so excited about growing a flower garden this spring, so today my one thing was planting flower starts in a pot. One pot. There. Garden started. A different day, my one thing was sitting down to create an invitation to neighborhood women for a small gathering. One invitation done. Future connections underway.

My one thing varies, but it allows me to focus on an area of my life that I want to push forward. An area that might be sideswiped by all the other things calling my name. Give it a try! Post a comment below – what is something you’d like to draw into your life? What one thing would most help you do it? You’ll find it’s easy to make time for one thing. And you’re so worth it.

****What would you like to bring into your life? What is the “one thing” you will do to start down that path? Post a comment or reply to someone else’s comment to cheer them on. May our loving energy inspire and lift each other up. go mama!

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